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Register Page!

1. Our Game Rules.
by register you have to accept all rules.
2. Our Game Rules.
Dont insult Gm or support team.
3. Our Game Rules.
to allow us to temporarily block the account(s) and investigate if suspicious activity is detected (such as using illegal software (such is virtual machine, modified dll and such).
4. Our Game Rules.
Being an in-game supporter/vounteer does not grant any kind of authority. You will have no special position or condition in the server. You are no more than a player..
5. Our Game Rules.
donations are non-refundable under any circumstance..
6. Our Game Rules.
that you will never attempt to exchange/sell in-game currency for cash..
7. Our Game Rules.
You agree to help other players upon their request (Discord/Ingame PMs), without seeking any profit from the players and the server admins..
8. Our Game Rules.
You accept that you will have to watch your language on globals and upon player's report.